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Think about the situation that's concerning you for a moment. How does it make you feel? What would you rather feel? Decide exactly what it is that you really need to know about the situation.

Ask yourself if you're willing to do what your Heart knows is Right for you. If your answer is "Yes," then select 1 item from each of the 4 groups and click on the "Get My Reading" button below.

I'm Concerned About I Need To Know
My Self: Body, Mind & Spirit A Different Way of Looking at This
My Work & Finances The Real Obstacle I Face
My Family & Friends The Understanding Needed to Deal With This
My Love Life The Right Action to Take Now
I've Been Feeling
Sad Lonely Frightened Frustrated Angry Happy
Hopeless Bored Confused Irritated Inadequate Peaceful
Grief Worried Guilty
I Long to Have
Serenity Safety Time for Me Control Wisdom Strength
Freedom Respect Rest Courage Love Wellbeing
Adventure Joy Fulfillment Power Faith

Legal Notice

Cosmic Law is clear: we are One—what we give to another, we ourselves receive. The hand that reaches out to slap another’s face, assaults but its own. “Karma,” the “Golden Rule,” even the streetwise, “What goes around, comes around,” are just some of the teachings Masters have used to help humans understand this Law.

But the dimension in which we live can make it difficult to grasp this Truth. The element of Time creates an apparent delayed reaction in receiving what we give. The illusion of individuated souls creates the appearance of Separateness, of a difference between Us and Them. These appearances make it difficult for many to comprehend this Law. But, when all who occupy the planet finally do comprehend it, then every hand that reaches out to another will extend only Goodwill. 

Our lawyers quite accurately observe that our world has yet to attain this consciousness. They therefore insist that the times in which we live require that we restate the obvious here:

WomanSpirit Oracles has been created for your enjoyment, empowerment and entertainment. By using the WomanSpirit Oracles website, you acknowledge and agree that you alone are responsible for your interpretation of the readings, advice, information, books and articles on this website and for any or all choices, experiences, actions or inactions that you carry out based on those interpretations. You further agree that neither the publishers nor authors of any information found on this site are liable or responsible whatsoever for any actions you take or do not take, or for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising out of your access to or use of this site or any information contained in it.