Messages from The High Mother

Woman's Magnificent Body

My beloved daughters, rejoice in the magnificence of your bodies! Woman’s body holds a Power no man can ever hope to know. Your beautiful, wondrous bodies are the means through which My Life-giving energy is brought into your world.

 This Life Force Energy flows through you unceasingly, waxing and waning with the rhythm of your monthly cycles. It is the life force that supports the growing embryo within your womb. It is the energy that nourishes the babe nursing at your breast. It is the power that sustains all that lives on Earth.  

Yet your brothers have taught you to denigrate your femininity, to be ashamed of your hormones and call your monthly flow a “curse.” Allow Me now to refresh your memory of the Blessings you truly possess.

Your bodies generate Life Force Energy through your monthly hormonal cycles. Both hormones and Spirit run stronger in women than in men. You cannot separate the two. As your menstrual flow begins, additional Energy enters your bodies directly from Me. It is a recharging of your reproductive “batteries,” so to speak, to ensure that you possess enough Life Force Energy to sustain not only yourself, but a second being in the event your lovemaking attracts a soul wishing to enter the world through you.

On the physical level, if no egg is fertilized, then this extra Energy is unneeded. It is often felt as a pressure calling for release. This is why most of you feel more sexual desire after ovulation has come and gone. On the physical level, you may feel horny, but on the spiritual level, your ever kindly and cooperative soul recognizes an opportunity to bless one of your brothers with the Life-sustaining Energy he needs to survive.

Men’s bodies do not have the Power yours do. They can’t generate the Life Force for themselves, much less impart it to others as you can. That’s why they crave sex. If they don’t receive a regular infusion of Life Force Energy—energy they literally cannot live without—they become increasingly physically weak.

Lacking your reproductive powers, your brothers can obtain this essential Energy in only two ways: either by receiving it from you during sex, or by turning Within to connect directly with Spirit, as all are able, but few bother to do. A man abstaining from sexual activity must turn to Spirit, or he will weaken physically. This is also why homosexual men are often challenged by promiscuity. They crave what they need as a drowning man craves air, but it cannot be found where they seek it. They, too, must turn directly to Spirit to receive the Life Force Energy they require.

My daughters, when a woman is taught to deny her Feminine Power, as she is in all patriarchal societies, she will have many menstrual problems. Whatever beliefs your particular culture has imprinted upon you about your Womanhood will be out pictured in your reproductive functions. The pain of being denigrated as “dirty” may manifest as the pain of menstrual cramps. The fear of being humiliated by your flow bleeding through to your outer clothes may manifest as infertility or hemorrhaging. The anguish of being told that you’re inferior or unworthy may return as PMS. The fear of growing old, and thus "unattractive" to men, may manifest as menopausal palpitations or hot flashes. The variations are as individual as the thoughts imprinted upon each of your minds.

Patriarchal societies denigrate women because they fear your inherent spiritual power and hate their dependency on the Life Force you impart. They oppress you to lessen their feelings of inferiority. They issue laws giving themselves financial and legal privileges in hopes of being “superior” to you, at least in that. They rewrite holy scriptures to “prove” your inferiority and demand your submission and obedience.

But pause for a moment to think, my daughters. Who but one insane with jealousy could declare the sweet sight of an infant nursing at her mother’s breast to be “obscene” and ban it from public places?  Who but one wishing to dehumanize another could refer to his sister as a derogatorily named body part? And what but a frightened ego could be so arrogant as to call what I made, “shameful”?  

So dismiss all the nonsense you’ve ever heard about Woman’s body being “dirty” or “sinful.” Cleanse your mind of all their silly words telling you that your body is shameful. They are but words of hate spoken by men who envy your Power and despise their dependency upon you for that which they cannot exist without.

You are the means through which Life renews itself on Earth. You nurture and nourish both your babes and your brothers. To whom but the worthiest would I give that Power?

Your miraculous, Life-giving body is magnificent, just as I designed it to be. Use it to live your life to the fullest. Enjoy it. Nourish it and honor its needs. Be proud of your body and be proud of your self, as I am proud of you.

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Cosmic Law is clear: we are One—what we give to another, we ourselves receive. The hand that reaches out to slap another’s face, assaults but its own. “Karma,” the “Golden Rule,” even the streetwise, “What goes around, comes around,” are just some of the teachings Masters have used to help humans understand this Law.

But the dimension in which we live can make it difficult to grasp this Truth. The element of Time creates an apparent delayed reaction in receiving what we give. The illusion of individuated souls creates the appearance of Separateness, of a difference between Us and Them. These appearances make it difficult for many to comprehend this Law. But, when all who occupy the planet finally do comprehend it, then every hand that reaches out to another will extend only Goodwill. 

Our lawyers quite accurately observe that our world has yet to attain this consciousness. They therefore insist that the times in which we live require that we restate the obvious here:

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