Messages from The High Mother

The Times You Live In

Our beloved daughters, the times you live in are momentous ones. We know it can be distressing to see so much suffering, so much violence, inequity and hardship, occurring across your globe. But do not feel helpless. Do not feel that there is nothing you can do about it.

 Peace in your outer world begins with peace Within. You bring a bit of peace into someone's world with every word of kindness. You lessen the suffering in someone's world with every act of helpfulness. You increase the happiness in someone's world whenever you support her attempts to fulfill her soul's longings, for if every being on Earth did only that, it would end all suffering overnight.  

 We know it is not easy. Your lives are overfilled with musts and have-tos. Your world has taught you to ignore your soul—your Self—and to focus instead on surviving. Your societies have taught you to ignore your needs and to focus instead on gaining the approval of others. Your culture has conditioned you to spend your days listening to the thoughts of others—via radio, television, talk shows and music—instead of to your own. You need quiet in your outer world and stillness in your mind to hear your soul's song.

 There is little time for yourself during your day. And you are suffering from the lack of it. But this can change. And you do indeed have the power to change it. Your environment need not always be filled with noise. Turn off the radios, TVs, iPods and players for a while. Banish others' words from your mind so you can hear your own. Let your soul talk to you then and tell you what it wants.

Listen to its longings. And know, Our precious ones, that you CAN have the experiences you long for. Don't dismiss your soul's desires because you think you cannot have what you desire. That will only create depression. We watch with dismay as many of you suppress your desires because it hurts too much to embrace something you think is impossible. We tell you now: it's not impossible. If it were impossible, you wouldn't still be here. If your soul could no longer do what it came to life to do, it would have called it quits and left. If you're still here, and you're still feeling its longing, it's still possible to fulfill those longings. 

Now, to achieve those goals, you may find it necessary to make some changes, to give up some of your ego's ideas about what you should or should not do, about what is "safe" or "smart" to do. But, Our beloved daughters, remember that the ego knows only fear. It doesn't know what You came for; nor does it care. Its desires are all based on its perceptions of insecurity and anxiety. It will never be happy—and neither will you if you follow it—because the fulfillment of its desires can, at best, achieve only "safety" as it defined "safety" when you were young, nothing more.

But if you take time to listen to your Self—to your soul—and turn yourself toward those things that will truly bring you Happiness, then you will find Peace regardless of what's going on in the world. Your soul will lead you toward people and things that are kind and good. It will guide you away from those who are not.

On your planet, at this time, it's not possible to escape the negativity and challenges. But it IS possible to limit them. You do this by acknowledging the problems, but turning your attention to implementing solutions. Acknowledge the evil (to ignore it would be dangerous!) but focus your energies on empowering those who were its victims. Acknowledge the pain, but turn your thoughts to creating comfort and peace where you can.  

Do not dwell on what distresses you, but turn your attention to the activities you love, to the places you enjoy, to the people who encourage, support and uplift you. Feed yourself with those things and the ugliness in the world will impact you less.

Find quiet. Be still. Listen for your soul's call. Honor its desires. Follow its longings. Especially don't dismiss its calls because they seem impossible to achieve today. Just take a single step toward it, however small. Then tomorrow, take another step, and then another.

Each step brings you closer to where you belong, to the experiences you came for. Just take one step a day, every day, and We promise you'll get there. Enjoy your journey and enjoy the kindred spirits you'll meet along the way. We know it often takes great courage to simply do what you came to life to do. We love you and are so proud of you.

This, Our precious daughters, is how to deal with the events in your world at this time. Let your soul guide you to where you belong. This is where you will find happiness. This is how you make your world a better place.

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Cosmic Law is clear: we are One—what we give to another, we ourselves receive. The hand that reaches out to slap another’s face, assaults but its own. “Karma,” the “Golden Rule,” even the streetwise, “What goes around, comes around,” are just some of the teachings Masters have used to help humans understand this Law.

But the dimension in which we live can make it difficult to grasp this Truth. The element of Time creates an apparent delayed reaction in receiving what we give. The illusion of individuated souls creates the appearance of Separateness, of a difference between Us and Them. These appearances make it difficult for many to comprehend this Law. But, when all who occupy the planet finally do comprehend it, then every hand that reaches out to another will extend only Goodwill. 

Our lawyers quite accurately observe that our world has yet to attain this consciousness. They therefore insist that the times in which we live require that we restate the obvious here:

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