Messages from The High Mother

Guidance the Ego Is Afraid To Hear

Our beloved daughters,

We are so proud of you. What you are striving to achieve with your lives, and the courage and resilience you demonstrate daily, is inspiring to those of Us Who watch over you lovingly.

We, along with your own individual Guides, are here to help. We are delighted when you seek Our counsel, yet many of you still approach Us, and your own Guides as well, with bits of old fears clouding your hearts.

Some of you fear that you'll be judged. Others worry about being rebuked. Still others fear that what you'll be shown about your situation or the people in your lives will be painful to accept. Some are afraid you'll be confused by the guidance you're given. The greatest reluctance, however, is caused by the fear that the counsel you receive will be something your ego does not want.

So let Us here dispel your fears by reminding you of Who you are and what your ego is. Unlike You, who come from another realm and have a larger Life far beyond your present experiences here, your ego is a creation of this world. This world is all it knows. It is, so to speak, like an audio-video recorder within your larger mind, dutifully recording everything you've ever heard and seen since the moment of your birth.

It has recorded every word you've ever been told about who you are, how the world is and what you must do to be safe and happy here. Even more, all of this data has been programmed for "Instant Playback" so that as you go through your day, you'll automatically know What You Must Do in any situation to stay alive, avoid suffering, get approval, be loved, "find" happiness, be "successful," give the body pleasure and avoid the body's greatest pain of all: death.

 It's an elegant and convenient tool for quickly making decisions without having to analyze each aspect of every new person and situation you encounter. The problem is that the "tapes" your ego automatically replays in your mind are rarely your own beliefs and conclusions based your own analysis of your experiences. Instead, they are the old, out-dated opinions and beliefs of others who taught you How It Is when you were a child. Your mind, as many of your teachers have aptly observed, is all too often a Garbage Can filled with fears, "shoulds," and "musts" dictated to you by others.   

 Your ego was intended provide an avenue for your soul to express itself in this world. And if you were to trust your own perceptions, if you were to honor your soul's feelings and longings that arise from the deepest levels of your Heart, it would do just that. You would never experience confusion. You would end your anxiety and needless fear.

 Your ego is concerned with your survival and "success" here. It is concerned with staying alive, getting approval and avoiding pain. It is not concerned with your soul's mission. It hasn't a clue why you came to this life. How could it? It is focused on your safety and finding the comforts it believes it needs.

 This is the source of your anxiety. For when you seek Guidance, many of you worry that the insight or advice received will, if followed, threaten how you have set up your lives. And, indeed, if the way you are presently living is blocking your path to your Joy, if it is blocking you from your fulfilling your purpose, then the counsel you receive may well urge a radical change in course.

 Our marvelous, magnificent daughters, you did not come to this planet to deny your Self. You did not come to live a life of servitude, joylessly doing your "duty" to avoid the criticism of others. You did not come to deny your needs to serve the whims and desires of others. You did not come to abandon your mission so you could do for others what they can and should be doing for themselves. Lives like these you will be guided away from, for they do not serve you. They are not why you came.

 Your soul knows why you came to this life. And so do your Guides. They also know that the ego's recordings can make it easy to forget what you intended to do here. That's why your Guides are at your side to help you remember, to help you have those experiences of Joy, Understanding, Fulfillment, Peace and Power you came for. These goals—your soul's goals—can be, and often are, very different from what your ego's been trained to want, especially if your early experiences were particularly frightening. 

Depending upon how far "off track" your fears and childhood programming have taken you, the Guidance you receive may well involve dismantling aspects of your life that your ego thinks is important, but what is, in fact, causing You great misery.

We, and your own Guides as well, want you to experience the Love that you are. We want you to experience the fearlessness that is your natural state. We want you to remember Who you are and to know that you have the power to create the life you intended to have. 

 And how do you do that? By following your Joy. By acknowledging your deepest longings, your Heart's desires. By identifying those things that bring a soft smile of contentment, peace and fulfillment to your face. Make a long list. Then honor those desires.

 And how do you honor them? By determining what actions, large and small, will take you closer to those longings. By looking at all that is before you to do this day and choosing to first do that which takes you closer to your Joy. These things done, step by step, day after day, will create the life you desire. Each action will build upon the next, creating ever more contentment, bringing you ever closer to your goals.

 Have you noticed that nothing your ego demands that you do ever satisfies you for long? Yet when you are engaged in soulful activities, doing the things you love, time flies. You are happy and Life is good. This is how you intended to spend your time on Earth. This is how you fulfill your purpose, how you accomplish your soul's mission. 

 So start by asking yourself: Where do I love to be? What do I love to be doing? Who and what fills me with Contentment, Meaning and Joy? Spend time with these questions, digging ever deeper beneath each layer to identify ever more Joy.

 Our beloved daughters, you take control of your life by deciding to. You become aware of your Heart's desires by deciding to. You create your future by the actions you choose today. So choose your Joy. Fulfill your Purpose. And know that should you need it, help is just a prayer away. So call upon Us and call upon your Guides for insight, inspiration and assistance.

 And above all, know that you are precious in Our eyes.

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Cosmic Law is clear: we are One—what we give to another, we ourselves receive. The hand that reaches out to slap another’s face, assaults but its own. “Karma,” the “Golden Rule,” even the streetwise, “What goes around, comes around,” are just some of the teachings Masters have used to help humans understand this Law.

But the dimension in which we live can make it difficult to grasp this Truth. The element of Time creates an apparent delayed reaction in receiving what we give. The illusion of individuated souls creates the appearance of Separateness, of a difference between Us and Them. These appearances make it difficult for many to comprehend this Law. But, when all who occupy the planet finally do comprehend it, then every hand that reaches out to another will extend only Goodwill. 

Our lawyers quite accurately observe that our world has yet to attain this consciousness. They therefore insist that the times in which we live require that we restate the obvious here:

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