Messages from The High Mother

Follow Your Joy

Our beloved daughters, you have often heard Us speak on the importance of Following Your Joy, of serving where it is a joy for you to serve.

 We remind you of this because Following Your Joy is how you create a healthy, wealthy and happy life for yourself and those you love. It is how you recognize your soul's mission. It is how you end the pain. It is how you recognize and fulfill your life purpose, your reason for coming to this life. 

 And it does even more. It is also how you make the greatest contribution, how you give the greatest service to others, for the emotions with which you render your service are absorbed into the action and felt by the recipient. This is why a simple soup prepared and served with love literally provides more vital nourishment to the body than the fanciest meal prepared by an angry cook. The emotions of the server and the service rendered are inseparable. Children, especially, can sense when what is done for them is done with love and when it is done with resentment.

We know you have many responsibilities; a seemingly unending list of "have-to's" fill your daily schedules. But We tell you again: enjoy what you are doing, or stop doing it. Take a break. Do something physical—go run, bike, hike, dance, anything to dissipate your negative feelings—until you can return to it with love. And, if you cannot shift your attitude, if your un-enjoyment of it persists, then be willing to acknowledge that you are truly in the Wrong Place for you and find a way to alter or exit the situation gracefully.

Our precious daughters, We assure you that there IS a Right Place for you, a place where it will indeed be a joy for you to serve. You entered this life knowing exactly what that Right Place is. You need only to take the time to look Within to remember.

Many of you have done just that. Many of you are now aware of what you long for, yet find it difficult to give yourself permission to follow that longing to your joy. So let Us go more deeply into this issue and offer you a way to set your souls free.

To discover all that truly brings you Joy, find a quiet place and time where you will not be disturbed. Then ask: Where do you love to be? What do you really value? What are the activities, people and places that fill your heart with contentment? With joy? Where, with whom, and in what activities do you feel most fulfilled? Spend time with this and make a long list.

Then go deeper and explore why you love these things. What is the feeling each gives you? How does it make you feel about yourself? About others? What do those feelings urge you to do? What Knowings arise as you feel these feelings?

Keep going into ever deeper layers, always looking for the feeling under the feeling. Be aware that if what's revealed threatens what your ego thinks you must do to be safe or approved of, it may resist and tell you these questions are silly. But We assure you, if you follow your feelings deeply enough, you will understand exactly what you came to do. You will know exactly Who you are and what you're about. You will recognize your mission and know the purpose you came to fulfill. You will recognize what real success is for you. You will have a glimpse of the love and joy from which you came and to which you return when your time on the planet is complete. Go deep enough and you will feel your soul—the Essence of Who you are.

 Our precious ones, if you take this inner journey, and if you have the courage to defy your society's expectations, to defy your ego and to instead order your lives around what you discover Within, you will create a happiness for yourself and those you touch that no external event can destroy. You will be happy from the inside out.

Our beloved daughters, you reduce the suffering on your planet by filling your world with joy. So serve where it is a joy for you to serve. Follow Your Joy.

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Cosmic Law is clear: we are One—what we give to another, we ourselves receive. The hand that reaches out to slap another’s face, assaults but its own. “Karma,” the “Golden Rule,” even the streetwise, “What goes around, comes around,” are just some of the teachings Masters have used to help humans understand this Law.

But the dimension in which we live can make it difficult to grasp this Truth. The element of Time creates an apparent delayed reaction in receiving what we give. The illusion of individuated souls creates the appearance of Separateness, of a difference between Us and Them. These appearances make it difficult for many to comprehend this Law. But, when all who occupy the planet finally do comprehend it, then every hand that reaches out to another will extend only Goodwill. 

Our lawyers quite accurately observe that our world has yet to attain this consciousness. They therefore insist that the times in which we live require that we restate the obvious here:

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