Seven Steps To An Accurate Oracle Card Reading
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Seven Steps To an Accurate Oracle Card Reading

Sure, oracle cards are a great way to communicate with your Angels. But if you want to be sure your conversations with them aren't hijacked by discarnate tricksters, follow these seven simple steps.

 Step One – Clear Your Physical and Mental Space with an Opening Ritual.

Communicating with your Angels is a special time for you to pay attention to your needs. Put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign and turn off the phones and television. Eliminate all the noise and busyness that swirls around you throughout your day and create a peaceful sanctuary in which the world’s distractions cannot intrude.

 All rituals are just a habitual set of actions that help you focus your mind on what you’re doing. The more your opening rituals increase your concentration, the more you'll increase the clarity of what you receive. The ritual you choose needn’t be elaborate. The Right Ritual for you is the one that you enjoy, the one that centers your mind upon your Intent and leaves you feeling calm and at peace, free of distractions that could hijack the message you're about to get.

The spreading of a special cloth upon the table you'll use to spread the cards, the lighting of a candle, or the placement of a flower, stone or amulet can all help you withdraw from the busyness of the outer world and create a serene, peaceful space to communicate with your Angels. Some people like to place an image of their Angel, the Cosmos, a Goddess, Jesus, saint or sage upon the table.  Others like to clear the air with essential oils or incense. Still others say a prayer or chant a mantra. Do whatever you feel drawn to do, whatever brings peace to your mind and a soft smile to your face.

Step Two—Get Clear on the Real Question.

Use a journal to write down exactly what it is that you really want to know. In forming your question, try to avoid asking Yes-No questions, as they leave your Angels little room to open your mind to new ideas, suggest alternative approaches or draw your attention to factors you might not be noticing.  Instead, ask to be shown the Likely Results of a particular action, or the Understanding Needed to deal with a situation effectively. Ask to be shown someone's True Character or Real Intent. Or ask where your true Joy lies or what is blocking it. Especially ask to be reminded of your soul’s reason for coming to this life, because your Angels are at your side to help you have the experiences you came to this life to have. So understand that virtually every answer They give you will be pointing you to that regardless of what you ask.

Step Three—Protect Your Psychic Energy.

There are a lot of entities on the Other Side. Just like people here, some of them are kindly, some are wise, some are stupid, some are mischievous, and a few are outright malicious. It’s only prudent to be careful about whom you allow into your psychic space to give advice. Don't let a cosmic trickster play with your head.

There are many ways to protect your psychic energy (for more on this, see the article, Protecting Your Psychic Space When Using Oracle Cards), but at the very least, envision yourself in a bubble of beautiful, crystalline Light. See it—and feel it—surround you, filling every cell of your body with brilliant, sparkling Light. Feel its gentle warmth. See it extending out to the boundaries of the room, filling the entire space with Light. Know it is there, protecting you as you conduct the reading.

Step Four—Call your Angels to your side.

It's a simple step, but so often overlooked: call your Angels to your side and ask that They—and only They—answer your questions through the cards.

 Step Five— Select The Right Spread 

The detailed descriptions ascribed to each card that's drawn in a spread can greatly increase your understanding of the message your Angels are trying to get through to you. While the Diamond is an all-purpose problem-solver you can use in almost any situation, you may well find that, say, the First Date Background Check or the Starting Over or the Wealth & Fulfillment spread better fits your situation. Browse through the many spreads detailed in Part II and allow your Angels to guide your eyes to the one that will best allow Them to give you the information you need.

Step Six—Get the Message.

Be open to what you receive and trust that your Angels know what you really need. Understand, too, that no message is truly "received" until you Act on it. The Action required may be internal rather than an overt change in your outer world; a shift within your Self, a change in attitude, perception or expectation. Whatever it is, you won't truly Get The Message until you use the understanding you've been given to Take Action that will make your life even better.  

Step Seven—Give Thanks, and Find Peace in the Love Your Angels Have For You.

Regardless of the challenges you face or whatever drama is playing out on the stage of your life, you can always be glad that your Angels are at your side to help you through it. Even if things get rough, you can always escape for a few moments into the Peace of Their Love for you. Call to Them to comfort you. Call to Them to advise you and give you the answers you need. Your WomanSpirit Oracle cards are an excellent way to communicate with your Angels. If you follow the guidelines outlined here, you can be sure the information you're getting is accurate. Your Angels want to help you have the life you came to have. Why flounder in confusion when help is at hand?

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