Protecting Your Psychic Space When Using Oracle Cards
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Protecting Your Psychic Space When Using Oracle Cards

Getting information from the invisible realm is great, as long as you can trust it. But how do you know you can? Here's how to make sure a discarnate trickster doesn't mess with your head.  

 There are a lot of entities on the other side of the veil. It’s only prudent to be careful about who you allow in to give advice. Some—Ascended Masters, for example—possess great wisdom, understanding and goodwill. Other entities possess considerably less.

 Use common sense. Would you ask an unknown stranger for advice? And would you listen to just anyone who butted in to give it? Just like people here, some entities on the other side are kindly, some are wise, some are stupid, some are mischievous, and a few are outright malicious. You need to protect yourself. Here's how you do it.

 After you've cleared your mental and physical space (and if you need help with this, see the article Seven Steps To Ensure an Accurate Oracle Card Reading) you need to protect your psychic energy. There are many ways to do this. Pick whichever appeals to you.

 Some people like envisioning themselves in a bubble of beautiful, crystalline Light. See it surround you, filling every cell of your body with brilliant, sparkling Light. See it, and especially feel it. Make it Real to you, for it, on its dimension is as "real" as the chair you sit on. See its sparkling luminescence. Feel its gentle warmth. Watch as it grows in size, extending out to the boundaries of your room, filling your entire space with Light. Feel it, see it, and know it is there, protecting you as you conduct the reading.

 If you have a fondness for medieval times, you might wish to envision yourself in a suit of invincible armor. Feel its protective weight upon your shoulders. See it covering all of your body, protecting your completely from any psychic missile sent your way. Feel the solid metal next to your skin. See it becoming a second skin that will easily deflect any negative energies sent your way.

 You could also envision yourself enveloped in a huge golden sphere of Teflon mesh. See it extending three feet beyond your head, feet and outstretched arms. Your love flows out through the mesh and loving energies from others flow in to you through the mesh, but any negative energies are stopped at the Teflon mesh and slide harmlessly off the sphere into the earth to be recycled into neutral energy.    

Pick whichever imagery you like, but the next step is the most important. Call to your Angels, to your own Spirit Guides. You needn’t open yourself up psychically to just anyone, for you already have a Source that you can trust. Each soul who comes to Earth has Invisible Assistants—Angels and Guides—assigned to assist it. Your Angels know you. They know your mission, your intentions for this life.

They also know the challenges you’ve faced, what you were told about yourself when you were too young to know if it was true. They know what inaccurate beliefs and “truths” were imprinted upon your mind. They know the trials, tribulations, triumphs and traumas you’ve experienced. And they know the conclusions you made about yourself and your place in the world as a result of those experiences. They know your deepest fears and highest hopes. But most of all, they love you. They want you to succeed.

Call to your Angels, your Guides.  Ask that They—and They alone—answer your questions and give you counsel. For no one knows you better or loves you more. They will protect you, and you can trust that the information you receive is exactly what you need.

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