Girls Night Out: How to Give a Group of Friends Psychic Readings with Oracle Cards
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Girls Night Out


Getting a group of friends together for an evening of Oracle Card Readings can be great fun and very enlightening. Aside from the laughter and camaraderie enjoyed during a Girls Night Out, there are few problems that can't be solved when a group of women combine their collective Feminine Intuition with their Angels' wise guidance. 

But, as always when dealing with the invisible realms, it's wise to follow a few guidelines to ensure that your friends get an accurate reading.  

First, you'll want to center the group's energy. After all your guests have arrived and the initial chitchat has subsided, help everyone focus their attention by leading them in an opening ritual. It need not be elaborate or mysterious. All rituals are just words and actions that help you focus your mind on what you're doing. You could lead the group in a chant, prayer, song, candle lighting, drumming, incense smudging or any other activity that feels right.

 Whatever ritual you select, its purpose is to help you set aside the busy world with all its ToDo lists for a while and concentrate on what you intend to accomplish in the reading.

Next, call in your Angels. Whenever you communicate with discarnate entities, it's important to know who you're dealing with. Why risk being duped by a cosmic trickster when you have your own Angels and Guides right at your side, eager to assist? Your Angels are divine beings Who are dedicated to protecting you and helping you have the experiences your soul came to this life to have.

Instruct your guests to call their Angels to their side and to ask Them to remain there throughout the evening to protect them from any discordant energies and—this is important—ask that only their own Angels answer the questions put forth. (For more on this, see Protecting Your Psychic Space When Using Oracle Cards.)

 Third, help your friends ask the Right Question. Have each guest write their question down on a 3x5 card and pass around a basket or bowl for them to put their questions in. (This is especially helpful if anyone in the group has a sensitive question and would prefer anonymity.)

 When you're ready to begin, pull one question from the bowl and read it aloud. If its owner wants to identify herself and come forth to draw her own cards, that's fine, but if not, you can pull the cards for her. Both she and her Angels know what's on her mind; you can be sure They'll guide you to the right cards to get the message she needs.

 If you're experienced with oracle cards, you undoubtedly know better than to ask a Yes-or-No question, but your guests may not. So if you see a question that's likely to limit what her Angels can answer; no problem. All you need do is tune in to your own Angels and ask them to help you select the right spread for laying out the cards. 

 Hopefully, you were able to spend a few minutes before your guests arrived centering yourself and browsing through the spreads detailed in the delineation book that came with your cards (and if your set didn't include a variety of spreads with detailed instructions, then, pardon our pride, but for heavens sake, invest in one like WomanSpirit Oracles that does!) Once you've asked your Angels to guide you, you can trust you'll be directed to just the right spread to get across the answer your guest needs. And don't feel that you need to use a different spread for each person just to have some variety. Just take each question as it comes and use the one you're guided to. Admittedly, it would be unusual if everyone in your group needed, say, the "First Date Background Check" or "Your Soul Mate" spreads, but if that's what comes up, just go with the flow. 

For an added twist (and your Angels will love it if you do this), borrow a technique from our WomanSpirit retreats and call upon the massive power of your collective Feminine Intuition. All you have to do is read the question aloud to the group, but before you draw the cards for it, have each member of the group meditate on it for a moment and ask their Angels to allow its solution to arise in their minds. Your Angels will be delighted to assist, as this is how you learn to trust your own Knowing. And like all good teachers, they look forward to the day when you're so proficient you no longer need them. So when they receive their Angels' suggested Solution, instruct them write it down on a 3x5 card (yes, you'll need a stack of blank ones handy).

 When everyone's finished writing, have them silently—without discussing what they wrote—pass all the 3x5 cards to you. Then proceed with the rest of the reading as usual, drawing the designated Oracle cards and explaining their delineations. When the reading's complete, read all the Solution cards aloud. You'll be amazed by the results!

 The power of your Feminine Intuition when it's intently focused on a single issue is staggering! And all that's required to restore your confidence in it is a bit of practice. Why wait? Invite your friends over for an evening of fun and start polishing your Intuitive Powers today!

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