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Getting a group of friends together for an evening of Oracle Card Readings can be great fun and very enlightening. Aside from the laughter and camaraderie to be enjoyed, there are few problems that can't be solved when a group of women combine their collective Feminine Intuition with their Angels' wise guidance.  Here's how to get the most...
Are your Guides trying to communicate with you, but you're just not getting it? Take this quick quiz to find out if you're missing out on some priceless assistance from beyond the Veil. Then follow these tips to increase your Intuitive ..
Getting information from the invisible realm is great, as long as you can trust it. But how do you know you can? Here's how to make sure a discarnate trickster doesn't mess with your head.  
Are you frustrated because all your friends are communicating with their Angels, Guides or Oracles, but you get nothing? The remedy may be simpler than you've ever imagined. Here's what has to happen to get it started... 
When you open a conversation with your Angels using oracle cards, just what's OK to ask Them? What will They tell you—and what will They refuse to tell you? Follow these guidelines to make sure you get the answer you need.   
Sure, oracle cards are a great way to communicate with your Angels and Guides. But if you want to be sure your conversations with Them aren't hijacked by discarnate tricksters, follow these seven simple steps.
Romantic love is a fantasy, an exciting one, perhaps… for a while…  if you're lucky. But it is not Real Love and if you settle for its crumbs you'll never enjoy the serene exhilaration found in Real Love. You just need to know how to tell...
There was a time when a Woman didn't need psychics to predict her future or reveal what was happening behind her back. She hadn't been taught to doubt her Intuition or dismiss her own Knowing. You still have the Power. It can be ignored, but never lost. You just need to reclaim it. Here's how easy it is...
Oracles, angels, spirit guides—by whatever name we call them, we call upon them when we need Answers, when we need to know what they Know. But just who or what is it that answers our call? What can we learn from them? And how do we know we can trust the counsel we get?
Excerpt from WomanSpirit Oracles: Wisdom of the Ancients, Solutions For Today. The Goddess Shakti, oracle of Partnership and Power. Read HerStory and learn what it means for you to draw her card. Call her to you as you do her Meditation and feel her Energy empower you.