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Are You Missing Psychic Hits Your Guides Are Trying To Send You?

Are your Guides trying to communicate with you, but you're just not getting it? Take this quick quiz to find out if you're missing out on some priceless assistance from beyond the Veil. Then use these tips to increase your psychic skills. Give yourself two points for every "Often" answer, one point for "Sometimes," and zero for "Rarely."

  1. Have your nightly dreams become more vivid or begun to follow a particular theme?

  2. Do the words to a particular song suddenly pop into your mind while you’re pondering something else?

  3. Is a repetitive theme showing up in your life: the same topics coming up in conversation everywhere you go, with everyone you meet?

  4. Have you turned to a psychic (or other oracles) with a burning question, only to receive an answer addressing an entirely different topic? And, if you felt irritated by that answer, add one extra point to your score.

  5. Have you ever felt a psychic "hit"—a new idea, Knowing, impulse or sense of foreboding or longing—suddenly resonate within you, but then quickly dismissed it as too emotional or illogical because there was "no reason for it"?

  6. Has a new way to handle an old problem ever popped into your mind, but you instantly rejected it because it wasn’t "right" or "wouldn’t work"?

  7. Do you enter meditation to ask for guidance and start to sense an answer, only to have it evaporate as your mind tries to figure out what it is?

  8. Do strong emotions—frustration, sadness, envy, longing, irritation or a numb nothingness—ever arise when you see others doing what you once longed to do? And, if you’ve ever become aware of an ache or pain in your body as this happens, add two extra points.

  9. Have you ever listened to your friends talk about their Guides and wondered why you seem to be the only one who doesn’t have them?

  10. Answer this last question with just a simple Yes or No: I’ve never consciously asked God, Guides, Oracles or Angels for help.


0—6 points: You’ve either developed a clear and useful mode of communicating with your Guides and They see no reason to change what’s working, OR, if you answered "No" to Question #10, you’re being toyed with by cosmic tricksters.

7—12 points: You’re aware of the hit, but missing Their meaning. Use the tips below to sharpen your antennae.  

13—19 points: Your Guides are definitely trying to get something through to you. Study the tips below to discover why you’re not getting it.  

 And if you answered "NO" to #10, then be sure to read the article, What Has To Happen Before Your Guides Can Start Communicating With You to get your psychic life is off Hold. 

 First, let's get clear on the basics. Everyone has Guides. You don’t have to be "special" or psychic; nor do you "earn" Their assistance by something you do. If you’re here on Earth, you’ve got Invisible Assistants at your side.

 So who are these Invisible Assistants and why do they help you? Your Guides are highly evolved discarnate entities who know you and love you. They are indeed your best friends. They know your goals for this life. And They will be at your side throughout all your adventures here to help you have the experiences you came to life to have. (For a fuller discussion of Guides, Oracles, Angels, and other Invisible Assistants, see the article, The Truth About Oracles at ).

Before you enter a body on this planet, you, like everyone else, works out "rules" with their Guides governing how much, when, and what kind of assistance and guidance you want to receive. This is why some Guides can break into their charge’s awareness at any time, while others are limited to only giving brief answers to specific questions, and still others can bring up any subject They deem useful once a conversation begins. The rules are different for everyone because YOU make the rules.

 But there’s one requirement that’s part of everyone’s arrangement: your Guides cannot make First Contact. Once the Inbound Processing into your new earthly body is complete, it is up to you to contact Them before any guidance can begin.

 When that First Contact occurs depends upon many factors: the degree of "Forgetting" you achieved during your inbound processing, your soul’s particular "style" or temperament, and the level of its spiritual evolution and awareness. It’s also greatly influenced by the culture and religious environment you entered, the challenges you face, and, last, but definitely not least, the arsenal of beliefs and behaviors that your new ego uses to help it stay alive and find love here.

 First Contact may occur in the form of the almost-newborn infant’s pre-verbal, psychic longing for relief as it struggles through its mother’s birth canal. Or, it may come in a stricken soldier’s, "Oh, God, help me…" as he lies dying on a battlefield. Or at any time in between. And for some, it may never happen at all. Many live their entire lives unaware of the love and assistance that’s waiting for them.

 It also doesn’t matter who that First Contact is addressed to: God, The High Mother, Allah, Aphrodite, Shiva, St. Teresa, the Blessed Ancestors, Kali, Buddha, Jesus, Pachamama—or any other name given to Divinity by the many cultures and religions on this planet. Whatever name you use to call out to the Spirit realm, your Guides will answer. This is not to say that the face of Divinity you called out to will not also answer. It’s just that now, because you’ve called, your Guides can answer. Those are the rules.  

 Ideally, we’d live our lives here on Earth in such complete communion with our spirits, souls and bodies that we’d need no assistance from beyond the Veil. We’d feel our spirit’s joy. We’d pay attention to our bodies and heed the messages it sends us about its needs. We’d feel the longings of our souls and act on them, following the soul’s signals to turn ourselves away from pain and toward those things that bring us even more Joy. We’d be faced with challenges, of course—this Game of Life we come here to play would be boring without them—but because we’d be so attuned to the soul’s "Turn Signals" that we’d quickly and happily overcome them.

 Yes, well, that’s the ideal. But here’s what happens when things aren’t working quite that well.

 First, your soul will alert your Guides that it requires some assistance in accomplishing its goals. You—the ego, the persona you’ve developed in this life—may be miserable or ignoring soul’s desires or doing things that limit your body (which is your soul’s vehicle here). Whatever the reason, your soul is frustrated because it’s not having the experiences it came to have.

 If First Contact has NOT occurred, your Guides can offer no direct assistance. The best They can do—and They can only do it if your agreement allows—is to manipulate your environment in such a way as to prompt you to feel the need to call for help. Some have described this as getting a "cosmic 2x4 smacked upside the head." And yes, your ego is highly unlikely to regard this as "help." But your soul will. In its view, you’re on the wrong track; you’re wasting its life and it will welcome whatever it takes to get you back on Right Path. 

 If First Contact has already occurred—or, if the cosmic 2x4 is successful, once it does—your Guides will immediately begin communicating with you. They know your real goals, what will really make you happy. They’ve observed your ego’s needs, motives, hopes and fears, and—appearances not withstanding—They’re not completely unsympathetic to its feelings. They will choose the best strategy and most efficient mode of communication for you, the easiest way for you to "get" what you need to know.

 They'll use dreams, music, colors, "coincidences," oracles, pendulums, bodily sensations, other people, animals, Nature, automatic handwriting, visions, psychics, even plain words if all else fails—They’ll use whatever works.

 They want you to Get The Message. You may suddenly notice the words to a song running through your head over and over. Or awaken with a dream that feels "important" in an odd way. Or emerge from meditation with a sudden Insight. Or encounter a stranger who makes an offhand remark that’s just what you needed to hear. You might feel drawn to journal or draw or paint. Or to walk in Nature and suddenly see something in a tree’s shape or river’s bend that perfectly illustrates what’s really happening in your life. Or you may be suddenly struck bodily sensations impossible to ignore. Or you may be drawn to Oracles or other divinatory tools to clarify the assistance you seek. Be open to any avenue because they’ll use whatever works.  

If the message is recurring, if the dream or sensation is particularly vivid or insistent, you can be sure it’s something you need to pay attention to. And if your ego doesn’t like it, then you can be especially sure that fear is involved, and that your real happiness depends upon getting Their message.

Your Guides will use almost anything to get their message through to you: dreams, music, colors, "coincidences," oracles, pendulums, bodily sensations, other people, animals, Nature, automatic handwriting, visions, psychics, even plain words if all else fails.

Your Guides may, if nothing else works, even "talk" to you in your native language. But unless you’ve become very skilled at channeling, this avenue is usually a last resort because the ego can so easily garble or deliberately obscure Their message.

 To unclog your communication channels, follow these tips:

  • Ask for what you need. They will answer.

  • Clear your space of static. Turn off the TV, radio, Ipods, MP3s, etc., so your soul’s Turn Signals and your Guides’ messages won’t be lost in the background chatter.

  • Take time to Be Still. It doesn’t matter whether you find that Stillness in meditation, prayer, chanting, fishing, walking in Nature or sitting quietly on your back porch, Tuning In takes time. (Yes, we’re habituated to multi-tasking, but remind your self that Getting Guidance, Resting Your Mind, Healing Your Body, and Rejuvenating Your Spirit must surely qualify as multi-tasking!)

  • Be open to what you "get." The message can come in any form.

  • If you’re unsure of the message’s meaning, ask for clarity.

  • Experiment with new methods. Pick whatever avenue you’re drawn to. If it works, your Guides will use it.

 You deserve Happiness. And Peace. And Success. Your Guides are at your side to help you achieve it. All you need do is ask. Do it today!

©2007 Gayle Goldwin. All Rights Reserved.